Simple Pulled Dutch Braid

Chrissy Teigen with dutch braid at naacp


A gorgeous braided style that you can wear big and voluminous (if you so choose), here is the simple pulled Dutch braid!





  • Brush your hair backwards and remove any tangles. Part of a section from either side of your forehead using your fingers to create your initial section. Comb through this section once more with your fine-toothed ‘Big Tease’
  • Next, split this section of hair into 3 equal parts. Then, instead of crossing it over the top like a regular braid or French braid, you’re going to cross it underneath. You’re going to put the outside of one section in towards the middle, and then do the same on the opposite side – crossing it under the middle. After you’ve done one stitch, you’re going to pass one side under grabbing it with your finger, and then gather a new section of hair from the side. Pass it under and pull in hair, just like any kind of French braid. You can keep using your ‘Big Tease’ comb to smooth out the hair as you go.
  • Continue by passing the hair underneath and pulling new sections off from the side, adding to the braid. Once you reach the end of gathering all workable sections of hair, you’re going to make sure the braid is kept close to your scalp (avoid pulling it out in a longer way so there is no gap). Continue the rest of the braid as a regular 3-strand braid, and secure with an elastic band at the bottom.
  • Once secured, you’re going to go back to the braid and gently tug on the sides of it. This is what will give it the bigger, loose effect resulting in more volume and size. Do this all the way down the braid.


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Posted: Jan 23 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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