How to get Victoria’s Secret Runway Hair

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Extremely versatile and sexy, this ultra-sultry look is one to master. There’s a reason why this annual runway show turns heads around the globe, and hair is a big part of the look! The Victoria’s Secret Runway Hair is also a great base to create other hairstyles with. Here’s how to get it!



  • Blow-dry your hair upside down so that the hair follicle is now pushed upwards and you have more volume to work with.
  • Clip-in your hair Leyla Milani Hair extensions! You can double up on the wefts for even more volume. This exaggerated length and volume is key to the Victoria’s Secret Goddess flowy hair!



  • Once you’ve clipping in your hair extensions, split your hair into two sections horizontally across the mid-line of your head, allowing you to separate bottom from top. Secure the top section of your hair with a gator grip(s).
  • Using your 25 inch barrel option of the Triple Threat Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron, take a 1-inch thick piece of hair and wrap around the iron. Wrap the hair away from your face (this is important for framing the face) and keep it close together on the iron. Hold for about 6-8 seconds and release the curling into the palm of your hand. Let it set in your hand for an additional 5 seconds before fully releasing the curl. This allows you to set the curl and increases the longevity of your locks. Repeat this action until your entire head is curled. Remember to alternate between thicker and thinner sections of hair so that not everything looks uniform. But keep in mind, the thicker the section of hair, the more hold is required on the curling iron. Note: for the top of your head, work with smaller sections of hair. This will make it look less “pageant like” and more smooth, wispy waves. For the top section of hair, after curling each piece gently pull on the ends after releasing to assist in the wavy appearance.
  • Once your entire head is curled, take your fingers and run them through the bottom section of your hair to piece them out a bit. Next, take your Miracle Brush and gently brush the top of your head to further smooth it out. Last, using your ‘Hold it Right There’ hairspray on desired level of hold, lift various ends of your hair and spray upward, letting it drop while you spray. This technique will create a “beachier effect” with more volume! However, avoid doing this to the very front of your head (you want this section sleeker and more face-framing).


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Posted: Jan 01 2018
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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