Romantic Valentine’s Day Updo

Kristen Stewart with her blonde hair styled in an updo

This hairstyle is soft, elegant and easy to create! The big statement piece to this style is the full bun at the back, and so, is a great look to incorporate with your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions.




Note: Clip your two 4-clip wefts together and your two 3-clip wefts together. Simply clip one weft below the band of the other to create one “super-weft”. This way, you don’t have to clip as many into your hair at once.



  • Section your hair off just below your ears with the help of your ‘Big Tease’ comb to create a straight part line. Clip in your “super 3-clip wefts” here. Note: slightly move your clips in circular motions in order to grab onto more hair, beginning from the outside clips and moving toward the middle. Your next section of “super 4-clip wefts” will be placed just above your ears in the same fashion.
  • Next you’re going to tease the front of your head gently for a fancier look. Grabbing small, horizontal sections, lightly tease downwards to create added volume and lift. Once you’re done teasing, smooth over your hair with your brush to remove any frizz or uneven areas.
  • Before starting with the bun, grab a few side pieces from the front of your head (this will be used to add twisting detailing at the end).
  • For the chunky braided bun: grab the rest of your hair and create 3 equal sections. With these sections you’re going to create a regular 3-strand braid, crossing your outside sections over the middle. Keep the braid loose at the top and tighten as you near the bottom. Secure the braid with a clear elastic, but on the last loop you’re going to create a tiny bun on the end by not pulling all of your hair through. To help add a bit more volume, anchor your brain with one hand and then gently tug upward on small sections near your crown.
  • Next, grab the bottom of your braid and tucking it inwards, you’re going to keep rolling it up to your head. Hold your braid against your head and then begin to bobby pin. Tip: grab less hair with your bobby pins and use more of them vs. trying to grab too much hair and having them slip out. Don’t worry if your bobby pins are showing as you will now hide them. Take a section of the outside your braid, gently tug, and then pin it. Repeat this on both sides, as well as the top for a fuller bun.
  • Last, softly twist the front pieces of your hair away from your face (previously left out). Tightly wrap these pieces around your bun and pin the ends on the underside of your bun. This will not only hide your bobby pins, but will add an elegant touch. If there are any side pieces falling, take your Leyla Milani Hair Triple Threat Curling Iron and give them a soft curl to complete this look.



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Posted: Jan 30 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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