Easy Go-to Effortless Waves

 wavy blonde haired celebrity at premiere

This look is one of those favorites where all you really need is one special tool (your infamous Leyla Milani Hair curling wand) and a few minutes to spare! Once finished, you will be left with lovely and effortless waves that you can wear to a variety of occasions.





  • Always begin by brushing your hair out (as well as your extensions if using them) with your Miracle Brush to eliminate any tangles.
  • Split your hair into two workable sections. Beginning with your left section, grab a small section of your hair close to your neck. Take the curling iron and place it on top of your hair, pinching your hair with the opposite hand, and then curl your hair up and over the wand, away from your face. IMPORTANT: leave space between your hair as you wrap it around the iron – this will create your WAVE SHAPE (rather than curls)! Hold for 10-15 seconds and release the wave into your hands, allowing it to set into your palm for a few more seconds before fully releasing.
  • Repeat this until your entire head has been “waved”!
  • Next, it’s time to complete the same wave process above with your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions. After allowing them to set for a few minutes, clip them into your hair.
  • Last, finish with a light spritz of your ‘Hold it Right There’ Hairspray on level 1-2 to maintain flexibility. Note: you can also add some Shine Spray for an added glimmer. Shake your head to observe your art and enjoy this effortless wave look!


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Posted: Feb 06 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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