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How to Create a Triple Braid Hairstyle

This is a really cool mixed braid style that incorporates a French braid at the top, moving down to a fishtail braid, and finishing off with a regular 3-strand braid. It’s a unique and sexy take on all of the most popular braided looks!   Tools Elastic bands Curling wand Miracle brush   Steps: Choosing a side (left or right), take a small section of hair from the front side...

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How To: 5-Minute Waves for the Holidays

Big, lovely waves are perfect for the holidays, and even better when they only take 5 minutes! This look is fast to achieve and ultra voluminous! Here’s how to get it:   TOOLS: Hair elastic ‘Triple Threat’ Interchangeable Curling Iron – 1.25 inch barrel Small hair clips ‘Hold it Right There’ {3 Level} Hairspray Leyla Milani Hair Extensions {Optional} Miracle Brush   STEPS: Run your hands through your hair, smoothing...

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How to Lengthen your Ponytail

A long ponytail is super sleek and can be worn formally or as a chic daytime look. If you have shorter hair however, you may feel like you’re at a disadvantage. Thankfully, there’s a secret trick to give you that longer ponytail in just minutes – no matter your hair length!   TOOLS: Bobby pins Hair elastics Miracle Brush Hair Spray Glossilocks Shine Spray Leyla Milani Hair Extensions {optional}  ...

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Basic French Braid Tutorial

Sometimes it’s great to go back to basics, especially when it comes to the infamous French Braid! To master it, all you need is a bit of practice, and a few essential tools! Here’s how to great started:   TOOLS: Miracle Brush Small elastic band Hairspray Leyla Milani Hair Extensions {Optional}   STEPS: Begin by brushing your entire head thoroughly, to ensure there are no tangles. Next, take a section...

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Quick and Easy Bun Tutorial

The Top Knot messy bun is a go-to for any day that the weather isn’t cooperating, you’re in a rush, or you simply want that voluminous bun style! For short hair or a bigger bun, you can use your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions to get the look. Here’s how to get it!   You’ll Need: Hair Extensions {Optional} Miracle Brush Hair Elastic Gator Grips Hair Elastic Bobby Pins   Steps:...

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AMA Hair: Poufed and Retro

Gwen Stefani always seems to be at the cutting edge of beauty and style! On the red carpet on Sunday, she rocked a retro glam look with her platinum blond locks, and it was definitely a head turner. For any retro look, ‘the pouf’ is an absolute necessity.   Here are some pro tips to create that perfect pouf:   Don’t Style Freshly Washed Hair Working with hair that has...

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How to: Mermaid Braid

If you’re dressing up as a mermaid for Halloween (or just want to feel like one any day of the week), this stunning hair tutorial is for you! Here’s how to get the mermaid braid:   Tools: Miracle Brush Triple Threat Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron Hair elastics Hold it Right There Hair Spray Hair Extensions (if your hair isn’t long enough)   Steps: Brush out your hair to ensure there...

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Arianna Grande Inspired Ponytail

Arianna Grande loves to rock the high ponytail, and you can too with these simple steps. Not only is it a great go-to style for those lazy days, but it’s really chic and cute! It works for the office, school, or even on a date. Here’s how to get the look:   You’ll Need: ‘Miracle Brush’ Two hair elastics Bobby pins Hair Extensions (3 clip wefts and 2 clip wefts)...

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How to Get Straight Hair with Volume

 If you love straight hair and don’t love having pin-straight roots, this tutorial is for you! It combines both the oomph of sexy volume with the sleekness of straight locks, here’s how to get the look.   You’ll Need: Ionic Blow-dryer (to eliminate frizz) Ceramic Flat Iron Round Brush for Blow-drying (the thicker the better) Gator Clips (for hold while styling) Leave-in Conditioner for the ends of your hair Volume...

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High Braided Ponytail

This look has been a celebrity favourite in the past and is chic as it is beautiful and perfect for day or night. It’s also a wonderful style to use your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions, since you will need some length! Here’s how to get a high braided ponytail: You’ll Need: Boar Bristle Brush Bobby Pins Ceramic Curling Iron (1/2 Inch Barrel for tighter curls) Teasing comb Gator Grips Leyla...

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Sexy Bed Head Hair Tutorial

There’s nothing as cute and sexy as bed hair! It’s such a natural and feminine look to go for, and great when you don’t have a ton of time to style your hair. It’s easy to achieve and a great way to incorporate your beautiful hair extensions. Here’s how to get that sexy bed hair!   You’ll Need:   25 inch barrel Ceramic Curling Iron Hair Pomade Teasing Comb Heat...

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Shiny Straight Hair Tutorial

Shiny, straight hair is that lustful look that will just never go out of style! It goes with any look and has that fierce sex appeal. It’s a simple and straight-forward process, however, many end up with dull locks and split ends. Here’s how to get shiny, straight locks every time! You’ll Need: A Boar Bristle Brush Ceramic Ionic Straightener (with adjustable temperature setting) Heat Protectant Spray Glossilocks Shine Spray...

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