Side Knot with Waves

woman with side knot


This look is a chic side-do with knotted detail and waves for added oomph! Here’s how to get the look:





  • Brush your hair out thoroughly using your Leyla Milani Hair Miracle Brush and add in your clip-in hair extensions. As always, this will give you added length and volume, which is especially beautiful for wavy hairstyles. Grab a section of hair from the right side and bring it all the way to the left over your hair. Then, added another thinner section from the right, combine, and secure with a hair elastic. Split this ponytail and then pull the ends through.
  • Next, fan this section of hair out a bit above the hair elastic. Now take the ends of this hair and start wrapping it over the elastic to hide it. Take the ends of the hair and pull through the same hole. This will hold, but better to secure with a bobby pin as well!
  • With the rest of your hair now, you’re going to make some waves! Take your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Triple Threat Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron’, and curl roughly 1” sections of hair at a time, away from your face. You also have the options to mix up the waves by wrapping some sections of hair away from your face and some toward, alternating with each curl. Be sure to use the bigger barrel (1.25 inch) for bigger curls… aka waves. Curl each section of hair for 10 seconds and release into the palm of your hand while maintaining the curl. Let this set for an additional 5-10 seconds before letting go. This will help to hold the shape of your waves.
  • Finish with a light spray of your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Hold it Right There’ hairspray (i.e. level 1) and you’re all set!


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Posted: Jun 05 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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