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Celebrity Hair Talk: VMAs Addition

MTV’s Video Music Awards show exploded in a hurricane of sequins and electro-pop this past Sunday, and all the stars came out to flaunt their new celebrity hairstyles. The yearly awards show is known for its over-the-top antics and garish spectacles, and this year was no exception. Celebrities hit the red carpet wearing everything from black lace evening gowns to shimmering Minnie Mouse tops, and their hair was even more...

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The Worst Celebrity Hairstyles of the Decade

Celebrities have sported a wide variety of hairstyles over the last 10 years, but not all of them have been winners. While some celebrity hairstyles have become fashion staples and are still worn today, there are a few ‘dos that are so tragic they should never be seen in public again. To prevent our readers from making the same hair-raising mistakes as the stars, we’ve compiled this list of celebrity...

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Hair-dos and Don’ts: Celebrity Hair Styles Edition

What would we do without celebrities? Besides providing us with the fodder that fuels our gossip addictions, celebrities also influence the popular fashion trends of the day. A celebrity hair stylist makes big money, so you’d think celebrity hair would be in a constant state of perfection. That, of course, is often the case. However, sometimes celebrities are left to their own devices when it comes to their ‘dos, and...

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Hair Don’t of the Day: 4 Punk Hairstyles that Miss the Mark

A few months ago, we mentioned some awesome punk hairstyles that you could try out while rocking at your favorite summer music festival. Punk hairstyles are the result of an “anything goes” mentality coupled with a unique combination of fashion and attitude. It can be a difficult balance to pull off, but when done correctly you’ll have a sensational look that is guaranteed to have everyone talking. But on the...

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Hair “Oh No, She Did-n’t!” of the Day – Britney Spears

Clip in hair extensions and weaves alike can look fantastic - if you care for them properly. They should look natural and blend in with your own hair because the whole point is for no one to notice that you're wearing them. Britney Spears clearly did not get the memo. For those of you who didn't see this picture of Britney Spears over the summer, viewer discretion is strongly advised....

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The Hair DON’T of the Day

This is a new feature that we're going to run on a regular basis -- we'll have some Hair Do's, too (but let's be honest, aren't the Hair Don'ts more fun, anyway?). Our first Hair Don't involves one of our favorite singers, Rhianna. Let's get to it, shall we? The hair crime: Rihanna is in Barbados celebrating the holidays with her family, and she hit the beach the other day...

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