Layered Braid Hair Tutorial

woman with beautiful side braid


This tutorial is a beautiful side braid that’s a variation of a fishtail braid. Great for a casual day on the town, it’s pretty and chic! Here’s how to get it:


You’ll Need:





  • Brush your hair throughout using your Leyla Milani Hair Miracle Brush to ensure there are no tangles. Clip in your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions for added length and volume (always beautiful for braided looks!)
  • Split your hair into 3 equal sections and begin by creating the first crossings of a regular 3-strand braid. Stop there. At this point make two sections out of three by adding the middle section to the right section. Then, take a small section from the right section (as if you were doing a fishtail braid), cross over, and under the second section which is on your left. Once you have this tiny section, you’re going to bring sections from the right adding them to the left and then cross the left over to the right. You can take chunky or thin sections depending on your preference. Keep crossing them over. Bringing the right section over to the left and then crossing the left section over. What ends up happening is that you have multiple layers to your braid. It’s sort of like you’re braiding sections all the way to the left. Continue until you’ve reached the bottom of the braid. Secure the ends with a hair elastic. Next, gently pull on the sides of the braid to create more fullness.
  • Optional: Finish with a light spritz of ‘Glossilocks Shine Spray’ which will add instant brilliance to your tresses! It’s a great way to bring out highlights and simply add luminosity to otherwise dry or dull hair. It’s also got sun protective filters to prevent UV damage!


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Posted: Jul 03 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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