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3 Cute Messy Buns to Master

celebrity with brown hair in a bun

Soft, feminine, and the perfect daytime chic look – here are 3 cute messy buns to master!   Tools: Hair Extensions Teasing Comb Miracle Brush Hair Elastic     Steps:   Clipping in your Hair Extensions The easiest way to wear a bun with hair extensions, is by using the 1 and 2 clip wefts. Find the height of wear you want your bun and then section it off so...

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3 Easy Techniques to get Big Curls

Rita Ora at a premiere with blonde sideswept hair

Everyone wants to know how to get those beautiful, soft, voluminous waves! Here are 3 easy techniques to master that will give just about anyone curl envy ;)   Tools: Miracle Brush Hair Extensions ‘Give it to me Straight’ Hair Straightener ‘Hold it Right There’ Hair Spray ‘Glossilocks’ Shine Spray Gator Grips ‘Blow Me Away’ Hair Dryer   Techniques:   Always begin by brushing your hair throughout with your Leyla...

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2 Minute Elegant Bun Hair Tutorial

celebrity sideshot of hair in a bun

Who knew you could get a stunningly chic bun in all but 2 minutes? This look is perfect for an evening night out, a day at the office, or if you just feel like an elegant spin to your look. It’s also a great way to flaunt that new pair of sparkly earrings! Here’s how to master it in 2 minutes time:   Tools:   Bobby pins Miracle Brush Shine...

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Runway Hair Waves Tutorial

Gigi Hadid walking runway with long wavy hair

  Soft, 70’s inspired waves will always add a chic element to your style! They are the perfect mix of feminine, girly, and sexy, and will compliment just about any look, allowing you to amp up or tone down the level of oomph that you’re going for. And of course, they offer a killer vibe for the runway. Here’s how to get it!   You’ll Need: Ceramic Curling Iron Gator...

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3 Easy Styles for Curly Hair

Beyonce with long curly brown hair

Sometimes, it’s fun to just work with what you’ve got! Curly hair is great since it’s got tons of natural volume and workable texture. Here are some simple styles to master using your naturally beautiful locks:   Half up-Half Down   This style takes only a minute to create! Simply pull-back a small section from the front of both sides of your head, bringing them to the back of your...

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Double Dutch Braid Hair Tutorial

Front and back of woman with double dutch braided hair

The newly popular double dutch braid is everywhere! From celebrities, athletes, hipsters, to modern stylistas – this is definitely a look to rock this season. It’s super fresh and is a nice way to keep your hair in check. Here’s how to get it!   You’ll Need: Miracle Brush ‘Big Tease’ Comb Gator Clips Hair Elastics ‘Hold it Right There’ Hairspray No H20 Volumizing Dry Shampoo   Steps: Brush out...

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How to: Everyday Easy Up-do

Celebrity with blonde hair in an up-do

Super easy and fast, perfect for school, work, or any occasion where you’re lacking time to style your hair, here’s an everyday easy up-do that takes only a minute to re-create! It’s also adorably chic and stylish!   You’ll Need:   Miracle Brush Hair Elastic ‘Hold it Right There’ Hairspray ‘Big Tease’ Comb   Steps:   Start by brushing your hair thoroughly to ensure there are no tangles using your...

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Top 2 Coachella Hairstyles

Kate Bosworth at Coachella with blonde hair

 With Coachella spirits in full swing and bohemian desert fashions as our muse, here are the top 2 hairstyles that will have you festival ready (whether you’ve made it to the valley or not)!   Tousled Fishtail Braid   NOTE: This look is best created using your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions for added length and fullness!   For texture, begin by spraying the Leyla Milani Hair “No H20 Volumizing Dry...

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Best Prom Hairstyles for 2016

Smiling Selena Gomez with long wavy brown hair

With prom season on its way, excitement is buzzing for the perfect look to flaunt! Here are some of the best prom hairstyles for 2016 and how to achieve them effortlessly. These are also great to master for any formal evening out!   Sleek Twist First, blow-dry your hair straight and use a smoothing/anti-frizz gel throughout to keep your strands sleek. Part your hair on one side and split your...

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Best Hair Ever Beauty Routine

Back of Leyla Milani in red dress holding a red present

Having luscious locks can be achievable for anyone. A major part of it is having an optimal hair care routine, using the right products, as well as nourishing your body from within. To keep your hair shiny, healthy, and lush – here are our tips for the “Best Hair Ever Beauty Routine!”   Invest in a Hair Mask Your hair, just like your body, requires nutrients! If your tresses tend...

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Curl Your Hair in 2 Minutes

Smiling Sofia Vergera with long curly brown hair

It’s nice to have luscious curls on the daily, but sometimes finding the time can be challenging. It’s also great to have an alternative if you just want an easier way to style your locks. If you’re pressed for time, and yet really want some nice waves – then this tutorial is for you!   Tools: Triple Threat Interchangeable Ceramic Curling Iron Miracle Brush Hair Extensions {optional} Volume Boosting Powder...

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Faux Fishtail Braid

celebrity with fishtail braid

The fishtail braid has been a hot look for awhile, but what about a gorgeous faux fishtail braid look? It’s slightly different, ultra flattering for ombre and highlights, and perfect to wear with your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions! Check out how to get the look below.   Tools: Miracle Brush Leyla Milani Hair Extensions {to lengthen the braid} Clear hair elastics Curling Iron   Steps: Begin by brushing your hair...

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