Fluffy Side Braid Hair Tutorial

woman with fluffy side braid 

This style is excellent for busy mornings or if you just want a chic-yet-boho braided look! It’s also a beautiful way to get the most lusciously full braid around town…. here’s how to rock it:





  • Brush your hair out thoroughly using your Leyla Milani Hair Miracle Brush and add in your clip-in hair extensions. As always, this will give you added length and volume, which is especially beautiful for braided hairstyles.
  • Bring all your hair to one side and grab a section of hair right around where your ear is and place a clear elastic over it. Then, make an opening over the hair elastic and pull the ends of the hair through this opening. Now, go to the back of your head and pull more hair over to add to this section. Grab another hair elastic, place in a ponytail and repeat. You’ll do about 4-5 of these, each time bringing more hair to your ‘fluffy braid’. Once finished, you’ll have 4-5 hair elastics in your braid which you’ll need to cut with scissors. This will loosen up the braid even more and give it additional width. Careful when using your scissors not to snip any of your own locks! Do this all the way down, except for the hair elastic holding the braid at the bottom. Last, fan out the braid a little more for desired amount of fluff!
  • Tips: for the ultimate frizz-free braid, be sure to add some ‘Revenge Hair’ to your locks on damp hair before drying. This will provide lift, volume, and more control – while giving you that much desired frizz-free upgrade! It’s also enriched hair nourishing botanical extracts, because let’s face it, healthy hair is beautiful hair!


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Posted: May 29 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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