Chain Braid Hairstyle

woman with chain braid


This look was inspired by a DKNY fashion show! It’s also perfect for your super long extensions since when create a tight braid, it shrinks them significantly! Same goes for tight curls.


You’ll Need:


  • Miracle Brush
  • Hair Elastics
  • Hair Extensions





  • As always brush your hair throughout using your Leyla Milani ‘Miracle Brush’ to ensure there are no tangles. Remember it’s also important to brush your actual hair extensions (treat them like an extra set of your own hair – with tons of love!). The gentle quality of the Miracle Brush makes it an excellent tool to prevent any breakage and therefore, ideal for preserving the life of hair extensions. Now, begin to brush back the back section of your hair beginning at the mid part of your crown.
  • Next, split up the hair that you’ve combed backwards into 2 workable sections. Beginning with the bottom section, create a rope braid. Split this section into an addition 2 equal sections and twist both of these sections to the right simultaneously. As you’re doing that you’re also going to twist these sections around each other. This is what creates the rope effect! Once you’ve gone all the way down, secure with a hair elastic. Do the exact same thing on the second section of hair, creating another rope braid. Twisting 2 sections to the right and then twisting them around each other. Twist, wrap, twist, wrap. And secure the ends with a hair elastic.
  • At this point you’ll have 2 rope braids. Take your left braid and wrap it around the right. This creates a super cool 3D chain all the way down. Finish by taking out the elastics form the 2 separate braids and simply combine together with one hair elastic. Now it appears to be the one braid instead of two!


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Posted: Jun 26 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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