Pull-Through Up-do Tutorial

blonde haired woman with pull-through up-do 

This style is perfect for any special occasion, especially since wedding season is just around the corner!





  • Begin by brushing your hair throughout to ensure there are no tangles.
  • Hair extensions: clip your two 4-clip wefts together, one on top of the other. If your hair is on the thinner side and you would like some more volume, clip on another weft. For placement, section off the top portion of your hair from halfway down the back of your head. Making sure all of your clips are open, place them as closely your roots as possible. Begin closing the clips from the middle to ensure they are centred properly.
  • Now, parting your hair as normal (centre, side, middle – it doesn’t matter), collect the hair from the crown of your head, making sure to leave the sides down. Secure with a hair elastic in the back.
  • Next, create some additional volume at the crown of your head by holding your ponytail with one hand to anchor and then pull upwards on small sections with the other hand. This prevents you from having to tease your hair.
  • Grab your front and side pieces, leaving down all the hair in the back, and securing with a hair elastic. To create a “topsy tail”, flip your ponytail upward and in-between the 2 sections of hair. This will create twists in the sections which adds a pretty detail to the hairstyle. Gently tug on the twists for a fuller appearance.
  • Now that you have a foundation for this hairstyle, you can begin to create the pull-through effect. Beginning on the right side, section off ¼ of your hair and set aside. Create another section right beside it (the same size as the first) and form a high ponytail. Go back to your first section and divide horizontally into 2 equal sized pieces. With these – bring one over top and one beneath the ponytail you’ve just created. The ponytail is going THROUGH these sections, and you’ll just want to place it out of the way.
  • Grab another ¼ size section, and form another ponytail incorporating these two pieces at the same height as your previous ponytail. And THIS is how you create the “pull-through effect”! Repeat this pattern all the way around your head.


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Posted: Feb 27 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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