Caring for your Hair Extensions

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Your clip-in hair extensions can last anywhere from 4 months to a year! This all depends on how often you wear them and of course, how you take care of them. Here are the best tips and tricks to lengthen the life span of your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions.


Tips and Tricks:

  • Every time you take out your hair extensions for the evening, gather the hair and brush gently from the bottom upward. Be sure to use a soft boar bristle brush like the ‘Miracle Brush’ to reduce any breakage and keep the shine. The more careful you are, the longer the hair extensions will last you!
  • To store your extensions, twist the hair beginning from the bottom all the way to the top and tuck it onto itself to create one big knot (that will be easily undone). Storing it this way will keep a nice wave to the hair. Alternatively, you can tie them together at the top with a hair elastic.
  • Store in original packaging or box.
  • Hair extensions (just like your own hair) will tangle! Always have a brush on hand and brush your extensions throughout the day.
  • Never sleep with your hair extensions! As you’re tossing and turning in your sleep, your hair will naturally tangle.
  • Also, never take a shower or go swimming with your hair extensions.
  • Hair shedding: just like natural hair sheds 100 strands/day, hair extensions will shed as well. To prevent this, use less product on your extensions. The more product you use, the more you’ll have to wash your extensions and this will reduce their lifespan faster.
  • Coloring hair extensions: best to avoid this and simply match your own hair to the hair extensions you buy! If you do color them, go to a professional colorist and try out one weft before coloring them all.
  • Restore and old set of hair extensions: deep condition them! You can use the Leyla Milani Hair ‘Rescue Me’ Hair Mask, left on overnight. This will produce a silky smooth effect and unveil lustrous extensions.
  • To blend short hairs with your hair extensions:
    • Step 1: gather the short hairs together along the nape of your neck, separating the rest of your hair.
    • Step 2: create a regular 3 strand braid with these short hairs. Roll the braid into a circle and secure with bobby pins. This will now serve as a base for your 3-clip weft.
    • Step 3: clip in your hair extensions!


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Posted: Mar 06 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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