5 Ways to Style Your Bangs

brunette woman with long hair and bangs 

Most women have a love-hate relationship with their bangs, but when you get them to co-operate, they’re worth every moment!


Here are 5 different ways to style your fringe:


Super Sleek

Clip-in your Leyla Milani Hair extensions for this look. Once your extensions are in, you want to focus on getting straight bangs. Use a small flat brush and your blow-dryer. First blow-dry your hair to the right and then to the left. This will ensure there isn’t too much body or bend in the bangs. Then, simply use your flat iron to straighten the rest of your strands.


Side Swept


When your bangs are a bit less cooperative or you simply want to frame your face nicely, this is a great look to go for! Even if you don’t have bangs, you can create the illusion of side swept bangs by pinning your hair behind your ear and blow-drying it in one direction. This look requires a bit more texture, so simply use a few spritzes of your Leyla Milani Hair Texture Spray.


Centre Part


Throw your hair into a low bun and use your blow-dryer to create a natural wind-blown look to give your locks a bit more texture. Then, part them slightly down the center and give the side a little curl to make it look more polished (use your Leyla Milani Hair Triple Threat Curling Iron).


Twisted Strands


Perfect on days where you can’t deal with your bangs, all it takes is a quick twist! Begin your twist a little farther to the side of your head to get the smaller strands to stick. For better hold, use a bit of hairspray before the twist. Always twist away from your face and either tuck the hair or create a pretty twist that goes around, securing with a bobby pin.


Top Knot


First, wet your bangs and then blow-dry them backwards away from your face. Then, section the top of your hair and add a bit of texturizing spray to give it a boost. Next, twist it into a bun and use bobby pins to create your shape. To give the rest of your hair a bit more texture, add some waves and texturizing spray to the remainder of your locks.


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Posted: Feb 20 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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