Fishtail Ponytail Tutorial

celebrity at premiere with fishtail ponytail


This is a wonderful ‘everyday’ kind of hairstyle that can be styled in a number of ways! Here’s how to get the fishtail ponytail, while also utilizing your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions for added length and volume:






  • Begin by brushing your hair throughout using your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Miracle Brush’ to remove any tangles. Next, bring all of your hair up to the desired position of where your ponytail will sit. Then, divide the hair right in front of that spot and clip-in two, 2-clip weft hair extensions. From there bring down one more layer of hair, and clip in two more single clip extensions. This will help to add a bit of length and fullness to the hairstyle overall. Now, brush all of your hair into the ponytail and tie it up with a hair elastic.
  • To begin the fishtail, separate your ponytail into 2 equal halves. Take a small section from the left side and cross it over to the right side. Then, repeat this on the opposite side by taking a small section on the right side and crossing it over to the left side. This is the basic technique to a fishtail braid. Continue to repeat these steps, crossing small sections from one side to the opposite side, alternating between the left side to the right side and braiding all the hair down to the ends. Once finished you reach the bottom, go back over the braid and gently pull on all of the edges. This makes the braid more full. Last, secure the braid at the bottom with a clear elastic band.
  • Optional: for an added finishing touch, give your head a few spritzes of your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Glossilocks Shine Spray’ for an instant brilliant shine and light melon-y scent!


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Posted: Nov 28 2016
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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