Medusa Halloween Hair

Woman with snakes in her hair

Medusa is an epic mythological character and is known for her living venomous snakes in the place of hair. Not only a cool Halloween costume – it makes for a wild  ‘do! Here’s how to get the look:

You’ll need:


  • Optional: sleep with your hair in a French braid the night before to provide more wave and to bulk out the braid (especially helpful for those who have fine, straight hair).


  • The first braid will be on the left side of your head - you're going to take a piece of hair a few inches thick from behind/above your ear. Go ahead and braid this entire section, securing with an elastic.
  • The second braid is on the other side of your head - take a big section (few inches thick) right around your ear. This time braiding downward and securing with an elastic band.
  • Next, separate your hair from the crown upward. Using the remaining hair at the end to create a French braid, Dutch braid, OR normal braid (either of the 3 will work fine) and secure with a small band. You just want to make sure to incorporate all of the hair so there is nothing hanging out.
  • The final braid is done with the remaining hair from your crown. Do a regular 3-strand braid (or break it up into 2 of them).
  • Once all braids are finished, gently separate them to make them appear larger (an essential step for fine hair).


  • Take the left braid pulling to the top of your head and securing with bobby pins. Then, take the “Dutch braid” (aka third braid) and pull it over your head behind the first braid, pinning into place (tuck beneath the base of the first braid).
  • Take braid number 2 and take it across the back of your head, pinning it into place where it reaches.
  • Finish by wrapping your final braid into a doughnut shape so that it’s just a little bit behind your other braids, and secure.


  • Pick up some rubber snakes and intertwine them through your braids (so you don’t have to worry about bobby pinning them). Spray a light coating (level 1) of ‘Hold it Right There Hairspray’ and there you have it!


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Posted: Oct 12 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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