Arianna Grande Inspired Ponytail

Arianna Grande with high ponytail

Arianna Grande loves to rock the high ponytail, and you can too with these simple steps. Not only is it a great go-to style for those lazy days, but it’s really chic and cute! It works for the office, school, or even on a date. Here’s how to get the look:


You’ll Need:




  • Brush your hair out so that there are no tangles. Taking only a small portion (about 3 inches) at the very back crown of your head, create a ponytail. Pull it up at the very top as much as you can to attain fullness.
  • Using one of your 3-clip weft extensions, clip over the top of your ponytail, securing around it. As you go down, you’ll want to make sure you’re clipping close to your scalp. Follow this by pinning your 2-clip wefts – one above the 3-clip weft you’ve just secured, and one right below the ponytail.
  • Now you’re ready to create your final showstopper ponytail. Gather up ALL of your hair and secure with the remaining elastic. Pull up for desired volume. To create that Arianna Grande final touch, you’re now going to take a small piece of hair from your ponytail and wrap it around the base. Take a bobby pin and secure.
  • Last, you’re going to brush out your ponytail using your Miracle Brush to ensure that it’s as smooth and sleek as possible and finish with a medium coat of hairspray (level 2) to smooth out any baby hairs at your scalp.


And there you have it, a super sleek pony with showstopper volume!


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Posted: Oct 19 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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