How to: Beautiful Hair While you Sleep

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There’s nothing like saying “I just woke up like this”, and actually mean it! Believe it or not, perfectly tousled hair can be achieved during your much-loved beauty sleep. Here’s what you need to know to turn your bed head into something super sexy.


You’ll Need:



  • Apply a leave-in conditioner towards the ends and brush out slightly damp hair using your Leyla Milani Hair ‘Miracle Brush’ to remove any tangles.
  • Once your hair is approximately 60% dry, give your self a French braid and secure with an elastic. Note: you don’t want your hair to be too wet as this will not only be very uncomfortable while you sleep, but it won’t be dry by morning! Now your hair is ready for sleep.
  • In the morning, release the braid and apply your Leyla Milani Hair Big Hair Don’t Care Volume Boosting Powder at your roots throughout and lightly scrunch through.
  • Finish off with a light spray on level 1 of your Hold it Right There Hairspray and voila! Perfectly tousled waves.



  • Invest in a Silk Pillowcase: as you toss and turn as night, a regular pillowcase has the tendency to catch and pull on your strands, resulting in unruly frizz. Sleeping on a silk pillowcase results in smoother, shinier, and even healthier locks.
  • Sleep with a Topknot for Added Volume: securing your hair on top of your head to sit overnight will provide a beautiful boost of volume in the AM, ready to be styled!
  • Make Dry Shampoo your Best Friend: before securing your ‘do for sleep, spray your roots with dry shampoo to create added texture. This will intensify the volume sought out for morning.


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Posted: Oct 05 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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