Sexy Bed Head Hair Tutorial

black and white photo of model with sexy bed hair

There’s nothing as cute and sexy as bed hair! It’s such a natural and feminine look to go for, and great when you don’t have a ton of time to style your hair. It’s easy to achieve and a great way to incorporate your beautiful hair extensions. Here’s how to get that sexy bed hair!


You’ll Need:




  • Before doing anything, lavishly spray on your heat protectant spray (especially on the ends). Let the hair dry for 1-2 minutes.
  • Once the heat protectant has dried, grab a 1-2 inch section, clip the rest of your hair away, and brush this section. Now taking your curler, start from the bottom wrapping your hair around and curling it UPWARD as close to your scalp as possible (without burning). Hold for 15-25 seconds and slowly release. You should have a beautiful, loose wave.
  • Then, grab another section of hair and repeat until your entire head is finished.
  • Next, take a quarter size amount of pomade, run it between your palms and scrunch through your hair. This will help to create extra texture and loosen the waves even more. If you have just washed your hair, this will also help to create that “second day washed” hair look. Separate the curls with the wax as your work it through.
  • Now your ready to tease your hair. Start from the back crown portion of your head, pull up a section and first spray near the roots with extra hold hair spray and then tease. Do this until you are happy with the height and lightly brush the top to smooth out what you have teased.
  • For a bit more volume, life sections of your hair while also spraying with hairspray underneath.


And there you have it, sexy bed head!


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Posted: Aug 17 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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