Shiny Straight Hair Tutorial

Rihanna with shiny straight black hair

Shiny, straight hair is that lustful look that will just never go out of style! It goes with any look and has that fierce sex appeal. It’s a simple and straight-forward process, however, many end up with dull locks and split ends. Here’s how to get shiny, straight locks every time!

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  • First brush out your entire head of hair until smooth. Then, divide your hair by taking small sections and clipping the rest out of the way. Brush this section again and spray with heat protection (especially toward the ends which tend to frizz or split over time), let dry for 10 seconds.
  • Beginning at the roots, run your straightener through slowly towards the ends of your hair. Next, go back again and brush through this section, running your straightener through once more wherever needed. Repeat this with each section until your entire head is finished.
  • **Remember when using your straightener, be sure to select the setting that suits your hair type. Higher settings are for course hair and the lower setting is safe for finer locks. This is important because you want to minimize hair damage as much as possible, while still getting the desired straightness.
  • **This is an especially wonderful style to also incorporate your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions! You can repeat the same straightening steps for your extensions (be sure to straighten your own hair first and pre-straighen your hair extensions before clipping them in).
  • Finish this look by applying a light coat of Leyla Milani Hair Glossilocks Shine Spray for a flawless shine, UV hair protection, and silky locks!


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Posted: Aug 10 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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