Loose Waves Hair Tutorial

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Bouncy, loose waves are one of the sexiest looks to rock for just about any occasion. Here is a brand new way to create those soft, effortless waves in just 15 minutes! This is also a perfect style to incorporate your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions for added length and volume, and oomph factor!




  • Start by separating your hair into two sections, left and right. Brush out your hair thoroughly removing any knots with the Leyla Milani Hair Boar Bristle Brush, which will also add some shine to your locks.
  • Apply a light coat of heat protectant spray to prevent damage throughout (advised when you are using any hot hair tool). Give it a minute to dry before proceeding to the next step.
  • Beginning on one side of your head, take about a 1-inch thick section of hair. Clip the rest of your hair away (do this with each section). Using your Leyla Milani Hair Triple Threat Curling Iron (1-1.25 inch barrel), hold this 1-inch section of hair with one hand and twist it slightly. Keep twisting as you place the barrel on top of your hair and allow your hair naturally twist as you wrap it around the barrel. Hold this for a few seconds as you wait for the curl to set and then release.
  • Continue curling 1-inch sections of your hair, until your entire head is complete. The important thing about this look is that it resembles more of a wave than a curl. As you curl your hair letting it set, also pull the ends of the hair (which tightens the curl) and make it a bit looser. This eliminates frizz and opens of the wave, giving it a more relaxed effect.
  • To add some texture to your loose waves and break them up, add some light hair wax and apply to the ends of your strands throughout. Continue to work the wax through by scrunching your hair with your palms until you have one big wave on each side. And there you have it – sexy, loose, tousled waves!


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Posted: Jul 27 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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