3 Wedding Hairstyles for Shorter Hair

woman with curled and twisted updo

Styles for your wedding (and prom if you’re younger), these are 3 stunning looks if you’re rocking short to medium length hair. They are also suitable for longer hair and to use with your Leyla Milani Hair Extensions!


#1: Classy Vintage Look (Old Hollywood Vibe)

  • Part your hair to the side and split it in half so that you have 2 workable sections. Beginning on the side with less amount of hair, taking your curling iron and wrap a small piece of hair around the barrel in the direction away from your face. This hairstyle really depends on the direction you curl your hair so this is important to maintain its vintage style appeal! Also, when working in the front for this look, don’t curl too close to the root (because you’ll be putting it behind your ear). Once this section is complete, spray with a light hold hairspray to maintain flexibility.
  • When you reach the opposite side of your head, change the direction of the curl so that you’re curling towards your face (from just before your ear to the front of your face). When it comes to the very front section, wrap your hair tightly to create a vintage wave.
  • Once your entire head is complete, gently brush through the curls so that you achieve a wavy appearance. Spray down fly-aways with a light coat of hairspray.


#2: Curled & Twisted Updo

  • On previously curled hair, spray your head with a texture spray to create volume throughout. Go through the top section of your hair and tease sections for height and volume. Hold it in place by spraying your roots with a light coat of hairspray. Take bobby pins and section off the top part of your hair to hold it in place for the evening. Gather the rest of your hair and twist it as if you were forming a bun, leaving the ends of your hair out. Take bobby pins and pin the twist in place. Place with the curls that are falling on top and pin any pieces that are too long. Leave a few pieces to fall out for the look. This style is gorgeous with a low back dress!


#3: Framed & Bedazzled Updo

  • Part your hair just off-centre, leaving a few pieces out to frame your face. Go through the back section of your hair and lightly backcomb it to bring up volume. Add a jeweled hairband (optional) around the front of your head (leaving a few pieces out). For the rest of your hair, take a small side section, twisting it lightly and pinning it place towards the back. Do it several times on each side. Take the remaining pieces of hair at the back, gently twisting and pinning up in place. Make sure all the twists are light so that the look appears effortless! Finish with a light coat of hairspray.


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Posted: Mar 20 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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