Floral Inspired Hairstyles

woman with flowers in her short brown hair

Perfect for Spring and Summer, these quick and easy hairstyles are a beautiful match to floral accessories! Here are the tools, the base style, and how to add flowers to your look.




The Base Style:


  • To create a thicker appearance, section your hair off just below your ears so the wefts are not visible once you begin styling. Clip in a 4-clip weft, clipping from the middle outwards (to ensure it’s as close to the roots as possible). Next take another 4-clip weft and clip it directly above the previous weft. This technique is done so that the wefts are low enough so that they don’t show, while still providing fullness and volume.
  • Beginning on the left side, grab all the hair in front of your ear all the way up to your part. Clip in a 1 clip weft in this section. Do the same thing on the opposite side. With the same section, divide into 2 equal pieces so that you can begin twisting them around one another. Cross one section over the other until you reach the end (you don’t have to twist them too tightly). To create a more undone appearance, go in with your index finger and thumb, gently pulling on the tops of the twists. This gives it more detail and really makes the hairstyle pop. Do the same on the opposite side.
  • Once you’re happy with your twists, secure them at the back of your head with an elastic. Create a “topsy tail” by flipping the ponytail up and between the 2 sections. Repeat the same process one more time to really complete the look.
  • To do this, grab a section of hair about an inch thick from behind your ear and below the twist you’ve just created. Add a 1-clip weft here. Then, place it out of the way and do the same on the opposite side. Like the last time, create a “topsy tail by securing these 2 twists together and then flipping the ponytail up and then downward between the 2 sections.


3 Ways to Add Flowers:


  • Flower crown – use fake flowers so that they last through the evening OR use hairspray on real ones to make them last longer. Secure your flower crown to your head with bobby pins.
  • Add flowers on pins – do this throughout your entire hairstyle! Secure with additional bobby pins so they stay put.
  • Add a flower element piece – can place to one side just above your twist and secure with bobby pins.


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Posted: Mar 27 2017
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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