How to Style Greasy Hair

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Sometimes you’re just stuck with greasy hair (or just a bad hair day) and are in need of a quick fix if dry shampoo isn’t doing the trick. Here are a few great ways to style greasy hair to look good (until you can get to the shower of course)!


Sleek Ponytail

  • This is a great look especially since you may not want to have your hair in your face when it’s greasy. Comb back all of your hair with a fine-toothed comb, sleeking it all across to the back of your head and catching the pieces with your other hand. Once all of your hair has been tightly combed, secure with 1 or 2 ponytails depending on the thickness of your hair. Finish by smoothing over any pieces. Optional: Pair your up-do with a bold lip and statement earrings!


Wrapped Sleek Pony

  • This is a continuation of the previous sleek ponytail – simply take a section of hair from the back of the ponytail and wrap it around the band until fully wrapped and then secure bobby pins to hold. This gives the ponytail an elegant and sleek look!


The Sleek Braid

  • Again starting off where you finished the last look, you’re going to split the ponytail into 3 sections and simply braid your hair. It’s such a simple technique but the final look is very flattering (especially if you have coloured ends). Finish by securing the end of your braid with a clear elastic.


Braided Topknot

  • The last and final continuation of the previous sleek braid, you’re simply going to wrap the braid around itself and secure with bobby pins to create a topknot. The elastics holding your original ponytail in place also add great volume to this look. It’s a fun and easy way to do a top knot. You could have also done this as a sleek topknot instead of the braid – whatever is preferred!


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Posted: May 11 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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