5 Ways to Make Your Hair Look Longer

Celebrity with long straight blonde hair

Aside from actually having long hair, there are several ways you can add to your length to create the illusion of longer, sleeker tresses. Here are 5 ways to make your hair look longer:


  1. Part Your Hair in the Center

Using a center part actually tricks the eye and makes any hair length seem longer as opposed to a side part, which will just add width. It’s the simplest and quickest way to “add length”, without doing much to your hair. Top stylists love to create this slightly narrower effect on the eye with a center part, giving their clients a longer look!


  1. Wear Contrasting Colors

Depending on whether your hair is light or dark, you should wear the color or tone that is opposite, since this will magnify your hair more. Black hair on black hair is lovely, but it blends in too well, making your hair appear not as long. Also, darker hair tones tend to look longer than lighter hair tones!


  1. Add Clip-In Extensions

The most obvious way to add length is to use clip-in hair extensions! They blend in perfectly with your hair, take minutes to put on, add beautiful volume, and require zero commitment like sewn in hair extensions would. They also are non-damaging to your hair and can be easily styled.


  1. Straighten Your Hair

Wavy or curly hair tends to look much shorter than sleek straight hair. Use an ionic flat iron and straighten your hair to perfection! Be sure to also use your Leyla Milani Hair Miracle Brush to boost shine and gently detangle without any breakage!


  1. Manage Split Ends

Not only are split ends unsightly, they also compromise the true length of your hair. Keep up with regular trimming appointments and opt for salon treatments that help to seal the hair cuticle for longer, sleeker hair!


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Posted: May 04 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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