Heatless Headband Waves

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We’ve all heard about the infamous headband waves (or curls). Well, here’s how to get them!


  • Let your hair air-dry about 95% of the way before brushing it out. Take a stretchy cotton headband and place it around your head (over your forehead of the areas around the base of your neck). This type of headband is ideal since it won’t cause creasing in your hair and is comfortable to wear for longer periods of time if you choose.


  • Next, split your hair in half from the back and bring it all forward. Creating the curls is actually very easy from here! Simply section a small piece of hair, smooth it out, and wrap it around the band to join the rest of your hair (think of it as a French braid where you’re always re-joining the strands with the rest of your hair). Then, you are going to keep taking new sections of hair and continue twisting. Using smaller sections will result in tighter curls, and bigger sections will result in a more wavy appearance. Keep twisting and folding the hair over until you have all your hair wrapped up in the headband. Continue the same process on the opposite side.


  • From here, you can actually where this as a cute “Boho Chic” look throughout the day, sleep on it overnight, or wear it for an hour as you need some time to let the curls set. Once you are ready to remove your hair from the headband, give your hair a non-sticky finish with the Leyla Milani Hair ‘Hold it Right There’ hairspray on Level 1-2. You can also give your locks a nice added shine (non-greasy) with a few spritzes of ‘Glossilocks Shine Spray”. And there you have it – natural and heatless headband waves!


For Full Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zu0ofu8-8Yo


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Posted: Apr 06 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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