How to Curl Short Hair

Taylor Swift with short curly blonde hair 

The challenge with shorter hair for many is getting those voluminous curls without making your hair turn into a bob. With the right styling tips however, you can get those lush tresses without any fuss. Here’s how to do it:


  • Spray some texture spray onto your dry locks for oomph and volume AND sprinkle a bit of your Leyla Milani Big Hair Don’t Care Volumizing Powder onto your roots for added lift and body. Work into your locks by scrunching with your hands. This gives you’re the perfect base for styling.
  • Apply a light coat of heat protectant spray and run through your hair to shield your strands from the heat.
  • Part your hair from just above your ears, pulling upward. You should be left with 2 sections – a top and a bottom section. Take your Leyla Milani Hair Triple Threat Curling Iron in the 1inch barrel and begin curling the bottom section, followed by the top section.
  • Note: don’t hairspray your hair while curling. You want to wait until the end after your entire head is curled so that you can fluff out your curls and then spray to hold.
  • Tip: when you move to curling the top of your head, take smaller sections of hair because you want the curls to be tighter and have a lot more volume than the bottom.
  • After curling, let them cool for a few minutes. Next, take your hands and simply shake out your curls, roughing up your hair all around. Once again, take your sea salt spray and your Leyla Milani Big Hair Don’t Care Volumizing Powder, and re-apply both for more volume throughout. If you want your curls to fall looser as the day/night goes, skip the hairspray or apply a light coating (level 1) of your Leyla Milani Hair Hold it Right There 3 Level Hairspray for a subtle fix.


For full video tutorial click here:


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Posted: Mar 16 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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