How to Maintain Bleached Blonde Hair

Kim Kardashian with beach blonde hair 

Kim Kardashian has recently wowed us with her platinum blonde bob, possibly inspiring others to take on the extreme color change as well. While bleached blonde hair can be a drastic makeover that is both edgy and fun, it can cause heavy damage to your luscious locks. Here are some great tips on keeping your bleached hair healthy and lasting:


Keep Your Locks Hydrated

  • Since bleached hair tends to get dry and brittle more easily, use a deep conditioner once a week to maintain adequate hydration. Depending on your hair type, you may need it more or less often. Use it as a go-to for that immediate moisture and replenishment of nutrients to add strength and avoid breakage.


Use Less Heat

  • Minimize your use of hot tools where possible and invest in a heat protectant spray. Spray this on your locks before styling in order to coat your strands with an additional barrier. This will increase the durability of your locks and protect against damage.


Trim Regularly

  • Bleached hair tends to produce a lot of split ends. Don’t fret. Schedule yourself for a regular trim with your stylist to keep your strands always looking fresh! Every 6-8 weeks is ideal. This will also help your hair to grow faster in the long run and so totally worth the trip.


Wash Your Hair Less

  • Frequent hair washing tends to increase dryness. You want the natural oils found on your scalp to produce, nourish and revive your hair. Of course, if your scalp decides on oil-overload – you can always grab your trusty dry shampoo for that fresh blowout look.


Use a Protein-Based Shampoo

  • Search for a protein-based shampoo, which works to rebuild and repair your strands from within. This is essential since bleach tends to strip the outer layers off your strands turning them brittle and fragile.


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Posted: Mar 09 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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