How to Wake Up with Perfect Hair

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Want to actually be proud to say “I just woke up like this?” Well, you totally can with these simple tips and tricks! You can even adjust your nightly routine to give you a new look every morning. Here’s how to wake up with perfect hair:

Beach Waves

  • Shampoo and condition your hair before bed, towel dry and divide in 4 sections. Spritz your hair with tanning oil, work it in by twirling it your hair through your fingers, and let it dry overnight. You’ll wake up with a natural beach-wave and glistening strands.

For Natural Curls

  • Sweep your hair to the top of your head and tie a SILK scarf around your head from the nape of your neck to your forehead (cotton will promote frizz instead). This will work magically to protect your curls, keeping them out of your face and perfectly fresh for the following day. Note: it may be a great idea to also switch to a silk pillow-case so the rest of your strands always remain smooth as well.

Tousled Waves

  • Add a root lifter to your scalp and braid your hair before going to sleep (it’s best that your scalp be dry but your ends be slightly damp in order for your locks to dry into the braid). The tighter your braid, the tighter the waves, and vice versa.

Dry Shampoo Before Bed

  • Applying dry shampoo to your strands before you sleep (if you don’t plan on showering in the morning) will give you clean locks in the AM with added model texture!

Silky Waves

  • Twist your hair into 2 buns and secure them at the top of your head using bobby pins. Again, you can add a silk scarf to control frizz. Be sure to also add a smoothing serum before creating your bun and be prepared to wake up with the softest, silkiest (natural-looking) waves.


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Posted: Mar 02 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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