Curly Hair Maintenance Tips

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Many women fight their curls, but why not embrace them? There are many common hair concerns when it comes to curly hair from fighting frizz, finding the right products to use, and difficulties styling. Here are some great tips on how to show your curly locks some love and have them looking beautiful day-in and day-out.


Don’t Shampoo Your Hair Every Day

  • Shampooing once a week is more than enough for curly hair. You can get it wet with warm water and condition it on days in between, but shampooing must be limited. This will ensure that volume is maintained!


Product Use

  • The right product is key as well as when you use it. Only apply product to curly hair when it’s WET because it will soak in better as opposed to staying on your hair and appearing dirty. This will also prevent the hair from being weighed down and getting frizzy.


Use Oils/Conditioning Mask

  • For curly hair you want to soak and nourish from within. Use a hair oil or conditioning mask once/week to ensure smooth tresses all week long. The Leyla Milani Hair Rescue Me Hair Mask includes nourishing shea butter and argan oil that deeply penetrate the hair cuticle to restore elasticity, strength, and offer that instant hydration and protection that is essential for curly hair.


Don’t rough it up

  • Never rub a towel onto your locks as this will irritate the cuticle and usher in unsightly flyways and frizz. Also try using a micro-fiber towel that will be gentler on your strands when soaking up water after a shower, while also helping your hair to dry faster.


Shine Spray


  • For additional luminosity give your curls a coating of brilliant shine to smooth any dry ends and eliminate frizz altogether. It’s alcohol and oil-free and so will never weigh your hair down. Remember to use on wet hair when your hair is curly J


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Posted: Feb 23 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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