How to Curl Your Hair in 5 Minutes

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It may seem as though you need a good hour to get beautiful curls with long hair, but what if we told you that you can get the same look in 5-7 minutes flat? This technique may just completely change the way you style your hair. Here’s how to curl your hair in 5 minutes:


You’ll Need:



  • Section your hair in two sections—right and left. Beginning with one section, take 2-3 inches of hair (test to see if it wraps around the barrel, if it’s too much hair, it will slide off). Tightly wrap the section of hair around the barrel toward your face and hold for 10-15 seconds. Carefully release while holding with your hands and let fall. Repeat this until your entire head is curled (one side of your head should be done with “5 big chunks”).
  • Usually when curling your hair would take a bigger barrel and smaller sections of hair to get big waves. However, when pressed for time you can actually use a really small barrel (1 inch) with bigger sections of hair, you get BIG waves also. Amazing, right?!
  • Finish the look by spraying your entire head with some hairspray and then open up all the curls by running your fingers through each to split them. You will be left with beautiful, soft, voluminous waves!
  • If you like you can take the look an extra step by taking a 1 inch section of hair from the front, twist, and pin it back – you can do this on one or both side to help keep your hair away from your face.


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Posted: Feb 16 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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