Tricks to Make Your Hair Last All Night

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Hair can be compared to architecture in that it needs the right styling foundation in order to stay put and hold hours into the evening. I’m sure we’ve all had the not so ideal experience where you’ve put all this effort into an up-do or curling your locks, only to have it fall out or go limp a few hours later. In the spirit of having (and keeping) great hair, here are some fool-proof tricks to make your hair last ALL night:


Wash your Hair the Day Before

  • The second-day after hair washing as opposed to freshly washed hair tends to hold curls, waves, and any heated styles better since it’s had time to accumulate texture. Newly washed strands are smoother and less workable. Second-day washed hair will also hold up-dos much better and there will be less fall-out as the night goes by.


Dry Shampoo

  • Use a dry shampoo the day of styling, which will create weightless volume, texture, and more workable hair. Spray not only your roots, but all over before shaping your hair. If you’re doing an up-do, it will also create less friction between the hair when you are using lots of bobby pins for hold.


Remove Frizz

  • A timeless trick to remove static is to take a dryer sheet 5 minutes before you leave the house and gently glide it over your strands. This eliminates the need for excess product and solves your frizz problems instantly (especially in the dry winter months!)


After-Party Tricks

  • If your style does end up losing its oomph, make a deep side part, tease the crown, and throw your hair into a side ponytail. Sprinkle some of your ‘Big Hair Don’t Care Powderfor additional volume when teasing. The extra height makes the style look intentional!



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Posted: Feb 02 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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