Straighten your Hair like a Pro

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Straight hair is sleek, sexy, and confident but it’s an art to style and there are a few important techniques to follow. Here’s how to straighten your hair like a pro!


When straightening your hair at home it’s important to remember these 3 things-- temperature, texture, and technique.


Temperature & Texture

  • You don’t want to use an iron that’s too hot because you can actually scorch the hair. If your hair is fine, the less heat you would need than if your hair was course. If you have fine hair then be sure to turn the temperature down so that you’re not burning it, but if it’s thicker you can go ahead and use more heat.



  • You’ll need a ‘rat-tail’ comb, vented brush, a ceramic iron with a temperature gage, and a thermal protectant. The first thing you’ll want to do is analyze the texture of your hair- if it’s slightly wavy and course for example, you can use a medium temperature setting. Once you’ve set the correct temperature on your ceramic flat iron, go ahead and apply product. Spray the thermal protectant into your hands, rub together, and apply about an inch and a half out from the roots (don’t want to apply directly because that will make it greasy).
  • Next, take your comb and section out the front side first, and take about a 3-quarter inch section from the bottom. Brush the hair out and lightly without too much pressure, and glide over the area with your iron. It’s OK to have to make a few passes over the area with your straightener rather than applying too much pressure and damaging the hair.
  • Move on by separating 3-quarter inch sections, removing tangles first, and lightly gliding over with your ceramic iron. It’s actually very important to use a ceramic iron since you are able to heat the hair from the inside out which is less damaging. Continue quickly gliding through, never sitting at one spot.
  • Always remember to straighten the hair when it’s completely DRY, since wet hair is more elastic and will be prone to breakage.
  • If you have really course, curly hair, it’s not a bad idea to blow-dry your hair first and smooth it out before straightening.
  • When you apply the straightener at the roots first, be sure to bend the iron slightly downward as you move the length of the hair shaft so that it becomes much more natural-looking when it falls. Finish off with your Shine Spray!


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Posted: Jan 27 2015
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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