Halloween Hair: Pin Curls

Poufy and curly orange Halloween hair on woman

 This tutorial is one that you can use for a lot of different options when it comes to Halloween hair. Pin curls are great because they are full of volume and the texture allows you to make it extremely poufy (not something for a regular day). It can also be used as a no heat tutorial when altered. Follow the simple steps below:


  • Start by dividing your hair into horizontal sections (about 1-2 inches) going from the bottom upwards. Beginning at the bottom section first and pulling the rest of the hair up and out of the way, take about a 1 inch piece of hair to work with at a time.
  • Take a hair pin, pull it apart slightly and starting at the root of this 1 inch section of hair, wrapping the it around the pin in a figure 8 motion, weaving it in and out of the two side prongs. Continue wrapping until you get to the end of your hair.
  • Now, taking your Leyla Milani Hair “Give it to me Straight” flat iron you are going to clamp your weaved hair for a few seconds. This will actually allow the hair to now hold. You can also take another bobby pin and just run it right up the middle to better secure in place and let the hair set. Note: If you don’t want to use heat, you can also use this process with damp hair and let dry instead of using a flat iron.
  • Complete this process until your entire head has been weaved and pressed.
  • Now after you’ve let your hair set for about 20 minutes, it’s time to unravel! You’ll notice extremely crimped curls full of texture and volume. Gently separate the curls with your fingers and make it as big and poufy as you wish!
  • Note: Do NOT run a brush through it at this point since this will cause frizziness. Instead, we are going for big volume and textured locks.
  • To finish add a light coating of Leyla Milani Hair “Hold it Right There” hairspray on level 1 and you’re good to go!


Time to complete: approximately 1 hour



For complete video tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uNzVu7U9HZs


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Posted: Oct 26 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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