Unique Hairstyle Ideas

Need to add some life to your regular styling? Here are some unique hairstyle ideas that you can flaunt and make your own in no time. They are hip, trendy, and straight from the runway. But who says you can’t work your own catwalk?


Faux Bangs

brunette celebrity with bangsPhoto: Emilio Pucci Fall 2013

  • Sexy, cool, and utterly gorgeous—faux bangs are a perfect way to switch up your style without having to actually do any chopping. All you need are some faux fringe clip-in bangs(made from 100% Remy hair), add a bit of mousse for texture, and simply clip-in and blend with your own locks. They’re especially flattering on oval or heart shape faces! Note: Be sure the bangs are lying longer at your temple with shorter length in the middle.


Segmented Ponytail

blonde celebrity with segmented ponytail
  • This is an especially cool take on a regular ponytail and can be done in a few simple steps. Simply take the top portion of your hair (crown) and secure with an elastic. Then take the next section of hair and taking a small piece, tie it around the base of the ponytail. Repeat this process until you’ve reached the ends. Last, to get that signature hair bulge you’re going to push each elastic upward. Et Voila!


Bohemian Waves

celebrity with Bohemian Waves

  • To get the messy appeal of Bohemian waves, apply a generous amount of moose to dry hair from the roots to the ends. Because it’s being applied to dry hair, you’re going to get the more uneven, matte look. Blow-dry the wet mousse into hair until it’s been absorbed. Next, take your Leyla Milani Hair Triple Threat Curling Iron (1 inch barrel) and wind sections, beginning from the mid-shaft of your hair. Note: you don’t want to start from the top because that will turn into more of a curled look. Finish by sharpening the ends with a flat iron!


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Posted: Oct 20 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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