How to Tease Your Hair

big tease combTeasing (aka back-combing) your hair has become so mainstream—it’s as essential as knowing how to apply lipstick. A miracle-trick for those who have fine hair and don’t want it to sit flat OR for those who just want big volume Teasing your hair has become a key beauty skill and yet there are so many individuals who aren’t using the proper technique. Well below we reveal the correct method on how to tease your hair!

-       First, begin by teasing at the crown of your head. Simply separate and lift a small section (about an ¾ inch thickness) of hair from the top. Take your Leyla Milani Hair “Big Tease” teasing comb and comb the hair backward. Teasing closest to the root will give you the most volume. Also, to help along with the volumizing process, it would be a great idea to sprinkle some volume boosting powder on to your locks (i.e. “Big Hair Don’t Care Volume Boosting Powder”).

-       Tease your full crown as well as the sides to match. This will result in a more even look.

-       Next, use your Leyla Milani Hair boar bristle “Miracle Brush” to gently smooth out the messy areas caused from backcombing. Don’t worry, this won’t take out the tease but will instead leave you with a smooth cushion of lifted hair. If you’ve combed too much, you can always go back and re-tease some pieces if you need to.

-       Then, use the tail of the comb to lift the tease higher within the cushion you’ve created. Finish with your Leyla Milani Hair “Hold it Right There” hairspray (set to level 1—yes, there are multiple levels to choose from in one spray!) and give your head a smooth spritz throughout. Use your hands to fluff up the tease a bit more if you like.

Et voila! You’ve glammed up your hair in seconds!



-       DON’T aggressively backcomb. This will cause damage to your hair and make it difficult to comb out. Instead, gently comb each piece backward about 3 times.

-       When combing out your tease, start from the bottom and work your way upward to your scalp.


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Posted: Jul 08 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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