Tips to Tame your Frizz

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Frizzy hair is a common battle we all fight. Whether your challenge is the weather with summer heat and humidity (or a cold climate and central heating) , damage from hot hair tools, if you’re blessed with thick unruly curls, or just naturally frizzy hair—it’s time we showed you how to tame the beast! Here are some great tips for banishing your frizz…for good!


Blow-dry Properly

  • Blow-drying your hair is actually beneficial to prevent frizz because it will smooth and close the cuticles of your hair shaft. It’s essential though that you do it properly and with a heat-protectant spray when possible. To avoid frizz you’ll always want to remember to blow-dry from your roots downwards (not up). Also, always finish with the cold blast setting on your dryer to fully seal your hair’s cuticles.


Don’t Over-wash

  • By shampooing your hair too frequently, you are stripping away its natural oils which are actually protective against frizz. Aim to wash your hair 2-3 times per week and use a dry shampoo at your roots for a refreshing boost in between washes. The Leyla Milani Hair No H20 Volumizing Dry Shampoo provides the perfect fresh, clean scent and without any unwanted build-up.



  • Since there are both environmental stressors as well as the frequent use of hot tools which are both damaging to your locks, it’s necessary to use a deep replenishing treatment once and awhile. This will help to restore elasticity, rebuild strength, provide extra hydration and protection, and of course, help to banish frizz. For this task, the Leyla Milani Hair Rescue Me Hair Mask is a miracle-worker.


Don’t Towel Dry

  • It may be tempting to rub your hair dry with that big warm towel, but don’t do it. Simply wrap your hair in it and let it sit to absorb excess water. If you rub the dry towel through your ends, this will cause friction, making your hair more likely to frizz.


Silk Pillowcase

  • Opting for a silk pillowcase instead of cotton will actually help combat frizz! Silk prevents friction and static that would otherwise be accumulated as you toss and turn during sleep. Marilyn Monroe would actually wrap her head in a silk scarf (another good option) before bed to keep her hair smooth and glossy!


Use a Shine Spray

  • To instantly smooth down frizzy hair or fried ends, while also adding brilliant shine—use the Leyla Milani Hair Glossilocks Shine Spray on wet or dry hair. It’s a light, oil-free formula that won’t weigh your hair down and will also protect your locks from the sun’s UV damage. Not to mention it has the most lovely melon-y scent!


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Posted: Jul 15 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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