How to: Messy Topknot Bun

Ashley Benson with blonde hair in a topknot bunA casual topknot is quick, easy, and can be just the trendy quick fix you need when you’re in a rush and is great for most hair lengths (except super short, but that’s where your hair extensions come in handy!). All you need is a hair-tie, bobby pins (optional), and hairspray. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to create a messy topknot bun in minutes:

  • Begin by finger combing your hair (using a brush will make it look too refined) upward, smoothing back any big bumps (although you may want to keep a few small ones).
  • Then, grabbing at the base of your gathered hair where you would place your elastic, first you’re going to hold this area while taking the rest of your hair twisting and wrapping it around with your other hand. Once all your hair has been wrapped into a high bun you’re going to secure it with your elastic band. It’s important to place your elastic mid-way around the bun instead of at the base. At this point your bun should look pretty tiny at the top of your head.
  • Next, start gently tugging on the sides of your bun to loosen it up with then intention of making it more messy. If you pull too hard, you can always re-tighten by pulling at the center of your bun (this is why the location of your elastic is important). As well, you can re-tuck in any sides that have been loosened too much back into the elastic or simply secure with a bobby pin.

Styling Tip: Spray your Leyla Milani Hair “Hold it Right There Hairspray” into your hands, rub together and then use your hands to smooth out any fly-aways on the sides of your head.


Et voila--the “perfect” messy topknot bun!


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Posted: Jul 01 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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