Graduation Hairstyles to Wear with your Cap

smiling woman wearing graduation cap and gownFor many, graduation day is just around the corner! A major celebration that calls for many laughs, tears of joy, and of course, plenty of photos. Well, we’ve got just the right hair tips for you on how to style your hair for your big day (and they’re all hat friendly!). Here are some great graduation hairstyles to wear with your cap:


Natural Waves

  • Use a texturizing spray and lightly tossle through the wet ends of your hair, scrunch, and then dry. It’s great to have a messy, deconstructed look that you can just ruffle up once you take off your cap. Also, be sure to have your Leyla Milani Hair “Big Hair Don’t Care Volume Boosting Powder” on hand to sprinkle on your roots (as needed) for volume!

Side Braid

  • A side braid would look great with any hat, especially your grad cap! It’s stylish and sophisticated, while neatly keeping long tresses out of your face—a must for photos! Even more, it’s at the forefront for battling any sort of hat-hair that you might be trying to avoid.


Low Bun/Ponytail

  • If your graduation is going to be outdoors, this is a perfect style to keep you cool (along with the side braid) while still being chic. Since the gowns are so hot already, you may want to think about keeping sweat off your tresses—and this is the right way to do it!



  • By smoothing out the top section of your hair and securing into a ponytail, it will remain un-touched once you remove the cap post-photos. Then, you can do what you like with the “half-down” section, putting in loose waves or tight curls with your trusty Leyla Milani Hair Triple Threat Curling Iron”. It comes with 3 interchangeable barrels in different sizes, for all your curling needs!


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Posted: Jun 03 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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