Leyla Milani The Triple Threat: Wife, Mother and Entrepreneur

Leyla Milani's recent exclusive interview with "We Like You Love":
exclusive Leyla Milani we like you love interview

I finally had the pleasure of meeting the gorgeous and gracious Leyla Milani a few months ago. As many of you may know, she’s one of the original models on the hit show, Deal or no Deal. Since then, she has transformed her career into a successful and thriving business, Leyla Milani Hair.  Her most notable accomplishment, having her daughter, Priscilla, hasn’t slowed down this entrepreneur. 

Leyla was kind enough to take time out her busy schedule to answer a few burning question we had.
You’re a mom, wife and entrepreneur, how do you balance it all? You just do!  I feel that women are natural-born multitaskers and in fact, we get even more out of life when we feel like we’re doing more. I feel that I’m still young enough to have a full plate and try to do it all.  I want to see my company succeed, I want to be a great mom/role model to my daughter and future child/children and I want a successful and happy marriage.  It can be done as long as you want it bad enough.  Life is all about finding a balance.


Tell us about your hair line, Milani hair. What is your favorite product and why? What lead you to start a career in the beauty industry? The idea for my own hair care line came to me while I was working as one of the briefcase models on the NBC HIT gameshow, Deal or No Deal (I was model #13).  I was always known for my hair throughout my life, but after appearing on Deal or No Deal, I received so many fan mail from around the world asking about my hair that I decided I wanted to turn it into my own business.  When the show ended in late 2009, I had plenty of free time to explore my new venture and it was then when Milani Hair–now Leyla Milani Hair was born. It started as line of 100% human hair clip in extensions but since then, my product line has expanded to include hair care and hot styling tools.  It’s really hard picking my favorite product from my line…just like you can’t really pick your favorite child, but if I had to pick 1 item, it would be THE TRIPLE THREAT CURLING IRON.  It truly is my star product and one that I cannot live without. To date, I have sold over 2500 units of THE TRIPLE THREAT.

Graphic of six Leyla Milani hair products and their benefits 

How would you describe your personal fashion style?  Sexy/Classy.


Favorite fashion brands?  I love mixing high end designer brands with lower end items. I’ll wear a $100 dress with a $12,000 bag and $1000 shoes. It’s always about style not brands for me and accessorizing is key! With that being said, some of my fave high end designer labels are Pucci, Versace, Chanel, Hermes, Saint Laurent, Valentino, Dolce and Gabbana.


Favorite places to shop? Aside from Saks and Neimans, living in Orange County doesn’t really allow me access to too many great stores locally which is why I’m always online looking for fun fashion. One of my favorite apps is ShopStyles which lets me search something broad like “summer dresses” to something specific like “Valentino Rockstud shoes“. I also shop at Revolve Clothing and ShopBop (both online shopping sites).


Most prized possession in your closet? This is a no brainer- my special order, custom bi-color Hermes Birkin bag. I waited over a year for its arrival.


Who are your style icons? As far as style goes, I love Jennifer Lopez, Monica Bellucci, Kim Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, and Angelina Jolie can do no wrong in my eyes!


What are your beauty secrets to looking so youthful? One of my girlfriends turned me on to the Obagi skincare line and I have since become obsessed! They have seriously saved my skin. I used to have really bad hormonal breakouts and since getting on the Obagi regimen and getting regular facials at their office, my skin has completely transformed. Of course, I also dabble in the occasional botox shot but truly, I owe my skin (now) to Obagi. I love fresh fruit/veggies juices which I usually make at home but I don’t do it as a meal replacement-more just as a drink to fulfill my daily fruit/veggies serving and help keep my skin glowing.


You have such an incredible body! What is your diet and workout regimen? This is something that I’m constantly asked about especially having my daughter over a year ago. I wish I had a magic potion or some “secret” I could reveal but the truth is, most of it is genetics. I was blessed to have good genes from my parents but the rest really is about being mindful of what I put into my body and trying to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle. I don’t work out so it’s important for me to eat clean.  I almost always buy organic fruits/dairy/meats. I rarely drink alcohol, usually 1 glass of Pinot Noir once or twice a week. I don’t smoke, I don’t drink coffee or anything from Starbucks lol, no sodas, junk food (chips, candy) or commercial fruit juice (only fruit juice I have juiced myself).  I eat dinner pretty early, typically around 6pm and prefer hot tea or simply hot water with lemon over almost any other beverage.  My husband jokes that I’m a “cheap date!” With that being said, I do love bread. It’s something that I just cannot and won’t give up. In fact, I eat toast with butter and jam almost every night! lol It may not be healthy but that’s my cheat thing. I try to buy whole grain bread to make it a little more healthy but truthfully, I love sourdough.


What are you MUST HAVE items for summer? A big floppy hat and big sunglasses, a chic one-piece bathing suit, Chanel mini boy bag, white midi dress, pointy pumps in a fun color, and sunscreen of course.


Best fashion advice? Less is not always more!

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Posted: Jun 09 2014
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