Beat the Clock: 3 Stylish Hairstyles for when you’re Running Late

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When you’re running late, it’s likely that you won’t have much time to tame your tresses. It would be easy to just throw on a hat or sweep it up into a ponytail—but there are actually some super trendy hairstyles that you can achieve in under a minute each. That way, waking up late can just be our little secret! Here are 3 great hairstyles for when you’re running late:


  1. Twisted Crown: Tease the hair at the crown and simply grab the back section, twist it, and then pin it in place using bobby pins. Then, take one section (about 1-2 inch hair thickness) from the left side just above your ear, twist, and pin it in place at the back center of your head. Then, take one section from the right and do the same, pinning it right under the previous section. It will look like a beautiful twisted crown and f you’re quick, it shouldn’t take longer than a minute!


  1. Soft up-do: Pull all your hair into a high ponytail. Separate the section above the ponytail base, creating a gap. Grab your ponytail and pull it half way through this gap (allowing the rest of your hair to stay in place). Last, grab a few sections of hair and simply pin in place over the ponytail base. This will create a soft, flirty up-do that will hold throughout the day.


  1. Low Side-Bun: First, put your hair into a side ponytail. Next, take a “hair donut” and insert your ponytail through the donut. Next, wrap the ends of your hair over the hair donut, and begin turning it inside out moving upwards towards the ponytail, grabbing more and more hair. Fix the hair around it as you go upward. If there are any layers going out, just grab a bobby pin and pin it in place. And that’s it for a stylish and sophisticated side bun--that you literally just threw together!


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Posted: May 26 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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