Wedding Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

wedding hairstyle sleek updoWedding season is upon us and how you style your hair is probably just as important as your dress! There are countless creative and equally beautiful wedding hairstyles to choose from, however, what about choosing a style that best suits your face shape?

You might be aware that not every hairstyle fits all (same with haircuts) and it’s precisely for this reason. Below is a list of wedding hairstyles matched to your face shape!


Oval/Round Face

  • Sleek updo: an oval face shape does well with hair completely pulled away from the face and this updo is both elegant and classy. If your face is slightly longer however, you can add a bit of body to the sides whereas if your face is rounder, add some body to the top.  Milani Hair ‘Hold it Right There’ hairspray on level 3 is perfect to achieve the required long-lasting hold of a sleek updo.
  • Twisted chignon: beginning with a twist braid in the front and eventually ending in a low chignon on the opposite side, this is a beautiful style for long hair without too many layers and of course an oval or round face. Again, for a round face just be sure to add more volume at the top to give your face a slightly longer appearance.

Square Jaw

  • Side ponytail with soft curls: soft curls are great for a square jaw since they have a softening effect on the face. Avoid this style with a round face because it will add more side body.



  • Half up: barrel curls that are pinned up halfway in the back creates a sweeping effect that is ideal for heart-shaped faces as well as complimenting square or oval. Be sure to backcomb at the base first before you pin the curls, giving them better hold. The Milani Hair “Big Tease” comb is ideal for backcombing.

Any Shape

  • Braided updo: updos that are focused in the back are great for any face shape, making them a classic choice for brides. For this style, the longer and thicker the hair, the better. Also, be sure to braid the hair last so it doesn’t get lost in the updo.

 Check out our wedding hairstyle Pinterest page for some more hair inspiration from the pros!



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Posted: Apr 02 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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