ways to use old hair extensions

Hair extensions last for a long time with proper care, but eventually you do have to replace them. Be sure to check out our post on How to Revive Your Clip In Hair Extensions to keep them as long as possible.

Even still, it’s a shame to toss your beloved hair extensions just yet. Here are 5 awesome ways to use your old hair extensions.


hair ratMake a Hair Rat

Not the best name, but ingenious idea for instant volume. All you need is a set of old extensions, a hair net, and a backcombing brush to create this secret weapon. The Big Tease comb works great for this.

Here is a great tutorial teaching you how to make a hairstyling rat.


Braided Headband

woman with braided headband hairBraided crowns are super chic and can be easily pre-made using a pair of old hair extensions. Simply take a thin plastic headband and secure one end of your thickest hair extensions to one side of the headband using a hair elastic. Splitting the extension into 3 strands, braid the hair around the headband and tie with another elastic once you’ve reached the other end.

Faux Bun

Love a messy bun but don’t want to deal with the tangled after-math? Use your hair extensions to create a no-fuss bun that’s as messy as you like and simply clip it in!

Chalk ‘Em

Love the hair chalk look but don’t want to chalk your own hair? Well, you can go as color crazy as you like using an older pair of extensions! Tip: slightly dampen your hair extensions before chalking them as this will create better adherence to the chalk.

Create a Hair Bow

Using 2 pieces of old extensions and a small hair elastic:

  • Cut the clip off one of your extensions and lay it down flat
  • Fold both ends inward (toward center) and tie with an elastic (this will create the loops of your bow)
  • Take your second piece of hair extensions and wrap around the center & elastic to fasten the bow. Use the hair clip attached to this piece to fasten in your hair.