How To Apply Clip In Extensions for Short Hair

clip in extensions for short hair

Even with really short hair (chin length to even pixie cut!), you can still wear long hair extensions without it being obvious… if you do it right. There a few extra tricks to making it look more natural.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to apply clip in extensions for short hair.

Securing Strays

  • The number one give away to wearing hair extensions is when there are pieces from underneath your hair sticking out. Thankfully, you can easily hide this in the following steps:
    • Starting from the bottom of your hair, take a section that is about two finger-lengths height above the hair-line and clip the rest up.
    • Taking this bottom piece, twist it over to the side and in the same direction and then twist it back on itself (still twisting in the same direction). Then using 2 bobby pins, cross them and secure the twisted hair in place. This provides both a strong area to secure the first track of hair extensions AND conceals any short hair from poking out to the sides.
    • Do the same with the next layer of hair right above the first row of extensions you secured. At this point you can also start adding waves to your newly clipped in extensions before adding the rest.
Spacing of the Extensions
  • The shorter your hair, the more you need to concentrate the extensions both at the bottom and at the very top.  Note: Clip in extensions have the added benefit because you don’t have to worry as much about teasing since they offer that extra volume on their own.
  • Do the third row at about eyebrow height (using a 3 clip at the back and {2} 2-clip wefts on the side).  It’s important not to clip them too close to your side hair-line because your shorter, natural hair will instead provide a nice layered look here.
  • Use the single clip-in extensions closer to the top. This will better aid the blending of the layers for a more flawless look.

Here is a video tutorial for a great visual step-by-step:



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Posted: Feb 25 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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