Brigitte Bardot Inspired Bouffant Hairstyle

brigitte bardot hair bouffant
With the popularity of Mad Men, the sexiness of the 60’s big bouffant hairstyles have made a whole new comeback. Below is a quick tutorial on how to get that voluminous and textured look with a Brigitte Bardot inspired bouffant.
  • First, start off by taking a 1-inch barrel curling iron (Milani Hair Triple Threat), and curl small sections of hair while pining each into place to let set. One your entire head is complete you can then remove each pin—you’ll notice that by letting the curls set, it has provided much more volume and curl (which is essential for BIG 60s hair). Once all the sections have been dropped, brush out the curls with your fingers.
  • Create a triangle section from the crown of your hair to the high recession on each side—pin and leave this part for later. Now go through the rest of your hair and begin to backcomb the entire section. Don’t be afraid to get in there pretty aggressively and really go for lots of tease. The Big Tease Comb is perfect for this.
  • Then, lightly brush out this teased section with your fingers and create a loose French twist in the back. Pull the hair back and simply twist it (don’t use a lot of tension since you want to keep the texture of the hair) and bobby pin it into place. You will notice some frizziness from the backcombing—you actually want this for the look since it appears more editorial-like.
  • Now with the section you’ve placed off to the front you’ll want to backcomb this section as well. Note: if your hair is resistant to backcombing, you can use a dry shampoo (No H20 Volumizing Dry Shampoo) to help add more “grit”.
  • Next, you’re going to make an even smaller triangle section of the front and pin it off to the side. Now using a boar brush, lightly brush out some of the backcombing to create a more smooth, continuous texture.
  • Then, twist the ends of your hair upward for more volume and secure with a few bobby pins. Before dropping your last triangle section, take the ends that have been left out, lightly twisting and folding into your central French twist. This gives a very nice undone feel, which is very Brigitte Bardot.
  • Lightly backcomb the final triangle section and do a ‘side swoop’, incorporating it into the rest of your hair. Last, take your Milani Hair ‘Hold it Right There Hairspray’ and give your entire head a spray on level 2 to give it medium hold. Note: to create some more unruly texture, pull some pieces forward and some behind moving along the side of your hair.

For the full video tutorial, watch here:


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Posted: Feb 17 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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