How To Talk With Your Hairstylist

talk with hairstylistThinking about cutting your mane? Going for your favorite celebrity look? Before jumping on the impulse to get a new do (or a new hairstylist for that matter), here are a few essentials you need to cover first.

Here is how the conversation with your hairstylist should go:

3 Questions to ask your Hairstylist

Will it suit me?

Almost everyone has brought in a photo to their hairdresser of someone else’s fab ‘do, requesting that they get exactly the same look. The truth is, a hairstyle may look great on one person, but can look unflattering on someone else. It’s part of a hairstylist’s job to know how certain haircuts or styles will complement an individual’s face shape and bone structure. If it’s a style you really want however, your hairstylist should be able to modify and tailor the look to make it the most flattering for you.

What will the maintenance be like?

Layered styles can look great as you first exit the salon, but if it’s not something you’re willing to maintain, it can easily turn into something you were least expecting. Some styles require hours of patience with a blow dryer and the proper styling tools, while others can be more versatile even when quickly washed and dried. It’s essential to know which style you’re opting for before you commit!

How do I style it?

Before leaving the salon, it’s a great idea to ask your hairstylist how to re-create your beloved new look. Let’s face it, most of us are far from professionals and might not even be blow-drying our hair properly (i.e. always drying from the roots downward to help avoid fly-aways), let alone using the right styling products. It’s important to utilize your visit and get the professional hair tips you need for both your own hair texture and style.

larackay and leyla3 Questions your Hairstylist should ask YOU 

What do you love about your hair? 

This is such a great question because it really demonstrates that your hairstylist is trying to connect with your personal preferences to get a look you really want.  For example, if you love your length, your hairstylist may want to simply add some volume and frame your face while still keeping the back long.

How often do you wash your hair?

Some people wash their hair too much (daily) and some too little (weekly—yikes!). It’s great for your stylist to know this so they can help your create a wash schedule that suits you and recommend products accordingly. For example, if you wash your hair too much, you made need to oils to replenish a drier scalp.

How often do you style your hair?

Styling tools can have a very damaging effect if steps aren’t taken to properly maintain your hair. If your locks have become brittle, your stylist may want to integrate a nourishing routine to boost the vitality of your hair (i.e. Milani Hair Mask) and help provide insight into better styling techniques (like never using a hot iron on damp hair—you’d be surprised!)


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Posted: Feb 11 2014
by: Leyla Milani Hair

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