A New Year, a New You: 5 Ways to Change your Look

New Year's is a time to not only look back at what you've accomplished throughout the year about to make its close, but to make a list of promises and goals for the year ahead. This commonly includes dietary changes, a new gym membership, or even a completely new style. New Year’s resolutions however, do not need to be drastic to make you feel transformed (not to say that diet and exercise aren’t important). Here is a list of different ways to reinvent your look without going to any extremes and still create a new year and new you in 2014: Part your hair on the other side Don’t want to go rogue and get a completely different hairstyle? Don’t fret. Simply parting your hair on the other side can add more natural volume while even changing the way your hair frames your face. It’s also beneficial to change your part to help reduce hair thinning! For added volume, don’t forget to sprinkle some “Big Hair Don’t Care” volumizing powder to your roots. Add a few new accessories The most cost effective way to change your look is by adding a few trendy accessories to your already existing wardrobe. A trick to make your outfits appear more “high-end” is by choosing accessories (i.e. a handbag) that has brass hardware instead of silver. Update your Mani It’s all in the details! We all too often limit ourselves to the same color manicure or the infamous French-mani. Switch it up a bit and introduce some more modern shades into your routine. Right now warm shades like brownish-beige are a big hit! We've pinned some fun ideas over on our Skin, Nails & Cosmetics Pinterest Board. Check them out! Embrace Red Lipstick Don’t be intimidated by the red statement lip, instead, make it your own! Choose a shade that fits your complexion (in general, blue-based reds are the most flattering—and will also make your teeth appear whiter). This simple change adds a classic feminine flair to any look and is high impact to boot. Welcome the pointy-toed shoe Pointy-toed shoes have made their way back and for good reason. They have the ability to make your legs appear longer and tend to completely boost your confidence once you slip them on. Pair with a sleek pencil skirt or wide-leg trousers and enjoy their magical trans formative abilities. Cheers to a New Year AND a New YOU! ;)


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Posted: Dec 30 2013
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