How to: Celebrity-Inspired Long and Luscious Waves

If you have long hair and you are using extensions, the question is: To curl or to straighten? Well the answer to that is you won’t have to sacrifice the length of your hair because we’ve got the secret tutorial on how to get those luscious, bouncy waves while keeping your locks long. Believe it or not, the trick to curling your hair and maintaining its length is by pre-curling your hair extensions. This method will not only conserve your hair length, but also give you longer lasting waves. Here’s how to get those celebrity-inspired long and luscious waves: 1. Using Milani Hair 100% Remy human hair extensions (much better since you can use high heat), curl each piece using your trusty “Triple Threat” curling iron. Next, pin each fresh curl around big barrel rollers and then set them aside to cool and take shape. 2. While your extensions set, you’ll want to begin working on your natural hair. Brush and divide your hair into three workable sections and clip. Then, spray each section with “Hold It Right There” hairspray before curling to give it extra hold. You should be working from the nape of your neck upwards, curling each piece and then securing with a pin to set the hair. *Note: it is important to allow each curl to drop to your palm right after its unwrapped from the barrel so that it dries in the coiled shape. Immediately pin each curl in its shape with a bobby pin. 3. Last, unravel your pre-curled extensions and un-clip your natural curls. Lightly tease the root of each curl with a fine-toothed comb like “Big Tease”, where you’ll be clipping your extensions so that they can be tightly secured. Clip in your extensions allowing your natural hair to fall over them, give your hair a final spray to hold, and go!


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Posted: Dec 27 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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