Hair Extensions - What To Look For

This is something many women who want to achieve long, glossy locks ask themselves. Most of us have heard hair extensions mentioned, but are far from experts in the field. That's why we thought a post about what to look for in hair extensions might be helpful. The best hair extensions look like they could be your own hair. Notice we didn't say "look like they are your own hair" because we know plenty of women are interested in changing their look. What we mean is, people should not necessarily be able to automatically tell that you are wearing hair extensions. One way to achieve that is to use 100% human hair extensions. These are less likely to look "fakey," like some synthetic hair extensions can. Second, you should be able to afford to maintain your hair extensions. This is one of the chief problems with salon extensions; they may look good at first, but they are simply too much upkeep and it costs too much money and time to keep them at their best. This is why many celebrities, like the various cast members of "The Real Housewives" series, often use clip in hair extensions. Finally, your hair extensions should make you feel comfortable, confident and pleasantly on display. If you aren't jazzed by your new hairdo, what's the point? For more information on 100% real human hair extensions, you can visit our website or check back in with this blog from time to time. We'll be sure to keep it stocked with relevant posts on news, tips and gossip about hair extensions.


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Posted: Sep 12 2013
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