Best Natural Oils for Hair

Choosing the right kind of natural oils for your hair can provide much needed nourishment that facilitates hair growth, color, smoothness, and thickness of hair. Hair oil treatments are a fantastic way to keep your hair healthy, but only if you’re using the right oils! Here are the best natural oils for healthy hair:

Coconut Oil

Most commonly used hair oil in the world, it’s truly an all-in-one use oil that treats everything related to hair nourishment. It can clear dandruff, ease an irritated scalp, enable strong hair growth, and give your hair a healthy lustrous shine. It can also prevent baldness and grey hair while repairing split ends and other areas of damage.

Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is a great choice becomes it closely resembles your skin’s natural sebum, and is therefore non-sticky. It encourages hair growth and locks in moisture to keep your scalp well hydrated.

Castor Oil

The perfect solution for DULL and THINNING hair. Castor oil improves blood circulation, nourishing the scalp to make hair grow in healthier, stronger, and more of it! You can also use it on thinning eyebrows and on eyelashes for additional growth (applied with a clean mascara wand). Be conservative in your application however, as this oil is extremely dense (1 tbsp. will be enough to cover your scalp).

Almond Oil

Extremely high in vitamin E, almond oil is an incredible facilitator of hair growth—with regular use (min. 3 x/week) it increases hair length of a reported 4 inches in 3 months!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extremely rich in healthy cholesterol, extra virgin olive oil is excellent for repairing damaged hair since it acts as an ideal conditioning agent.


Warm about a tbsp. of the oil of your choice and give yourself a hot oil massage. Room temperature is fine as well but this will add to your therapeutic experience. Massage using your fingers in a circular motion for about 5 minutes, covering your entire scalp. Leave on for an additional 10-15 minutes and rinse off in shower. You can also choose to leave it on overnight and simple wear a plastic cap to avoid the oil leaking onto your pillow. Repeat this process 3 times per week.

Proper Storage of Oil:

• Out of direct sunlight • Dark/opaque jars • You may add vitamin E to extend the life of your oil • May also refrigerate There are many places to buy these natural oils for hair, but you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Trader Joe’s carries coconut oil, carries many of oils for less than you would spend in a specialty store.


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Posted: Sep 09 2013
by: Duck & Cover

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